Naval Exercise may affect Service


May 7, 2021

As you may be aware a large military/naval exercise is about to take place in Scottish waters for circa 2 weeks. Due to the nature of a fixed wireless network, certain naval equipment/operations can interfere with our signals and thus impact on your connections. The exercise is due to take place between 8 and 22 May. From previous experience, the most vulnerable timings are 1-2 days before and 1-2 days following the exercise dates, as vessels travel to and from the exercise locations.

We have been working closely with OfCom in recent days (who in turn liaise with the MoD on our behalf) to seek to minimize this impact as far as possible. You may experience low speeds or a loss of connection, caused by DFS Radar detection. We should be able to rectify these issues within 30-40 minutes where equipment does not automatically reset itself.

We will also introduce some additional specific network monitoring and increase our level of support cover over this period to manage any interference that may arise.

If you do experience any issues, please contact us on or 01620 698001.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and please be assured we are taking all steps possible to minimize the impact on your service.

The Lothian Broadband Team