Smart Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is getting even better

With Smart Wi-Fi powered by Plume® you receive consistent Wi-Fi speeds across your entire home with support for every facet of your home network. At the core of the system is the best, most consistent Wi-Fi connection enabled by adaptive, cloud-controlled technology. You also get intuitive management of people and device access, state-of-the-art security powered by AI, data visibility and protection and Wi-Fi motion sensing.


Reliable speed and consistent coverage – Smart Wi-Fi proactively adjusts to you.


Manage users, devices and access to the internet with the intuitive app. Simple parental controls.


Safely secured devices, stress-free browsing, no advertisements with security powered by AI.


Turns the wireless network into home monitoring systems that are controlled through the HomePass app. Uses the customer’s already connected Wi-Fi devices as sensors to detect movement, whilst offering privacy that cameras can’t provide.

Wi-Fi that covers your entire house!

Buffering is a bad dream of the past! Smart Wi-Fi powered by Plume®’s Adapt™ service delivers ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity across every room. Unlike mesh Wi-Fi setups that only work in a static manner, our system continuously learns and performs self-optimisations to keep things running smoothly. Smart Wi-Fi powered by Plume® automatically detects the brand and model of your connected devices, ensuring your beloved devices are given capacity to run at full potential.


Set-up fee

£10 p/m

For up to 3 pods

£5 p/m

For each additional pod

New Customer?

Check your coverage and let us know you are interested in Smart Wi-Fi and we will get you set up in no time!

Existing Customer?

Get in Touch and we will get your Smart Wi-Fi pods set-up as soon as possible!

What our Customers say about us

I’m delighted!! Such a difference from last year when I couldn’t even get a decent signal in the house. Can’t believe I can now get it in the garden. It will bring a whole new dimension to working from home. Lothian broadband you are amazing 😊😊

– Sacha Geeson