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Those of you in East Linton & Pathhead will have seen the Lothian Broadband engineers hard at work, building the network ready to deliver ultrafast broadband to houses in your area. 

But they’re not the only Lothian Broadband faces you’ll see in the local area. Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll spot our new Community Liaison Officer Charlotte around East Lothian. 

We took some time to catch up with Charlotte to find out what it means to be the Community Liaison Officer for East Lothian. 

What does your role as Community Liaison Officer for East Lothian involve?

My role focuses on being the friendly, community connection between the local areas of East Lothian and our ultrafast broadband network team. I work closely with communities and residents to help understand more how our full-fibre network can really benefit and support the people who live there. From working with local councils to community clubs to small businesses, I collaborate with a variety of individuals to help get them connected and making the most of this vital service.

What attracted you to this role? 

I recently moved from a small seaside town in Cornwall to the lively, beautiful Edinburgh, so I know how infuriating slow internet speeds can be! Despite the exciting, historical depth of Scotland’s capital city, I wanted to work in a role within the community. Working as a Community Liaison Officer stuck out as it really enables me to get to know East Lothian, and its people. I love working towards a common goal with communities and meeting everyone who benefits from the advantages of our full-fibre network.

What do you think the biggest impact of having full-fibre broadband is for people in the local area?

The biggest impact will be the ability to bring communities closer together. It is more important that ever to be able to communicate, share ideas and have access to online resources. The benefits are endless, from being able to easily facilitate online education and promotion of small businesses to catching up with friends and family across the globe, all without a jolty connection. 

What’s your favourite things about living in the area you do? 

I really love how friendly and uplifting it is to live in such a varied and cultured city. It’s been a big move for me, but completely breath-taking. Everyone I’ve met in Scotland has been so welcoming and interesting. Being able to have a home from home, by exploring all the hidden gems surrounding Edinburgh is such a joy. It really makes a difference to have the beauty of nature just a few miles away from my new city life. 

If you see Charlotte while out and about in the local area, make sure to say hello! She’s on hand to answer any questions you might have about how you can get Lothian Broadband in your home or business. 

Want to get signed up to our ultrafast, full-fibre broadband network? Check the availability in your area here.