2020 has brought many challenges to most businesses, regardless of the sector. As a rural broadband infrastructure company, Lothian Broadband became a lifeline for their 1,350 customers when lockdown began in March this year.  With the overnight requirement for many to work and school from home, came an overnight increase in network traffic of more than 50%. This challenge was met by the fast-growing, ever resourceful team as an opportunity to adapt.   

And adapt, we have! With five new team members, Lothian Broadband is gearing up to the next level of growth. Having completed several Full-fibre projects in 2020, plus the acquisition of Highland Wireless, Lothian Broadband have strengthened the business ahead of a capital raise in 2021. 

Lothian Broadband have demonstrated they are a business that can capably take on the challenges ahead. Whatever, they may be  

Meet our new Team members