Smart Wi-Fi

What You Need to Know

Our technicians install Smart Wi-Fi in 3 simple steps:
1) Set up your account
2) Plug in SuperPods throughout your home
3) Optimise placement for the strongest Wi-Fi connection possible

Sometimes your home may require more than our standard number of SuperPods – each additional pod costs £5 extra per month.

The HomePass® by Plume app is central to your experience of Smart Wi-Fi, giving you the ability to manage & optimise your network, control content & use your devices and even monitor your home!

What You Need to Do

Before your installation, please download the HomePass® by Plume app. Search using either “HomePass” or “Plume” and it should appear near the top of the list. Our technicians can then get straight to installation on arrival.

For successful app account setup, we will send you a password reset email. Make sure the account holder is present at install to verify this. A smooth installation then awaits!

Plug sockets are important! The first SuperPod (the gateway pod) will be connected directly to your router. Make sure there is a plug space next to your router so this can happen.