What is the difference between Fixed Wireless Broadband and PureFibre (FTTP) broadband?

Lothian Broadband have built our own Fixed Wireless Broadband Network providing superfast broadband connections to those who could otherwise not achieve it through their existing provision. Our network of masts wirelessly transmit broadband directly to your home, over East Lothian, Midlothian and the Scottish Borders.

Lothian Broadband have also built their own PureFibre (FTTP) network in East Lothian. This network uses fibre optic cable to bring the fastest possible broadband straight to your home. Absolutely no copper cables here!


What is a symmetrical broadband package?

Symmetrical refers to the Upload speeds and Downloads speeds being the same. Traditionally, downloads speeds were faster than upload speeds.

Watch this video from UK WISPA to find out about the benefits of a symmetrical broadband package.