It depends on your current provider. Some providers allow you to keep your email address for a fee, others allow email address usage for a limited time only after you end the contract. Contact your current provider to find out if you can keep your email address when switching to a different broadband provider.

There are email services such as Google Mail (Gmail) or Yahoo Mail that are independent of broadband providers.

Lothian Broadband does not provide a dedicated email address.

No, Lothian Broadband doesn’t require a telephone line to work.

Lothian Broadband doesn’t provide a standard landline, but we can offer a VoIP telephone service. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and allows you to make telephone calls over the internet.

You can find out more here. 

Standard installation costs cover the supply and installation of the equipment used to receive the broadband signal from the nearest mast or PureFibre connection point, the cable run into your property and the supply of a Lothian Broadband router.

The engineers will be with you for approximately 2 hours on the day of your installation.

You can setup BT Sport in your household even without BT Broadband. You can get it either through a Sky subscription or Smart TV. You can also download the BT Sports app onto your computer and then link your computer with a HDMI cable to your TV.

BT Vision is tied into BT’s broadband service.

Sky TV is an independent service that is delivered to you via a satellite dish. You can easily connect a Sky+HD Box (used for Catch Up TV, TV on Demand for which you need broadband) to our router.

Lothian Broadband recommends making sure any SkyQ devices are hardwired to the router to ensure no wi-fi issues occur.