Chippendale International School of Furniture

Established in 1985, the Chippendale International School of Furniture is a renowned furniture making school where people from around the world come to master the craft of woodworking. Here in the heart of East Lothian, students learn the best of traditional and modern furniture making. 

Having been a customer of Lothian Broadband for the past 3 years we are pleased to have helped Chippendale School improve their connection even further by recently connecting them to our PureFibre service in Gifford. With our wireless network, they could connect to the superfast broadband speeds needed to make the most of their business in East Lothian. Now connected to our PureFibre network in Gifford, the unbeatable speeds have helped to future proof their broadband connection enabling their work to flourish.   

“As an international school, online communication and digital marketing have always been important, but the past year has reinforced the need for reliable internet. Covid has required us to do more things digitally, whether delivering lessons remotely or meeting new students via video call. With Lothian Broadband’s high-speed service, we were able to stay connected with our community and prospective students throughout the lockdowns and keep communicating. It is a bonus to partner with a local provider who understands our needs.” – Tom Fraser, School Principal 

Get in touch today to learn more about how Lothian Broadband could help your business. 

The Chippendale School offers all levels of furniture making courses, visit their website to find out more. 

Chippendale School of Furniture Photography Phil Wilkinson Tel 07740444373

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