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With full-fibre broadband from Lothian & Highland Broadband, for the first time you can select the high-speed connectivity you need, not just what you’re given.

And with no copper cables on our network, you’ll get lightning-fast speeds to your home or business. 

Check out our range of fibre packages below, select what you need and if you want to change things later? No problem.

Ultra-fast. Ultra-reliable. Ultra-affordable.

We keep things simple with four easy options and no hidden extras.

Plus, all our packages are available on either 12 or 24-month contracts and come with unlimited data.

6 Months Free*

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Out of contract rate applies an additional £10/month charge to the baseline rates noted above. When you are coming to the end of your contracted period we will notify you of this in advance and let you know the best rates available at the time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While we can deliver full-fibre connectivity up to 2Gbps to your property, in home WiFi speeds may be affected by a number of factors. The number of connected devices, the router placement and home size, layout and construction of your home may all cause speed variations by room. Wherever possible, place the router as centrally as you can, away from large electrical appliances and avoid placing it in enclosed spaces such as cupboards. Larger homes and/or homes with thicker walls or long, narrow layouts may need to use extra WiFi points for full coverage. See our Smart WiFi+ solution for more information.

Simply visit our availability checker at the top of the page. 

If your address is in an area we’re currently building, you’ll be able to place your order online. Alternatively, you can call one of our friendly team on 0330 236 9900 who’ll be happy to place your order for you. 

If we’re not yet building in your area, you’ll be able to complete a form to register your interest and we’ll keep you informed about our plans in your area. You’re not committed or obliged to take the service when we update you to say we can connect you. However if you don’t register we may not get in touch with you!

Registering is free and easy – just visit the availability checker at the top of the page to check your address against our plans.

You’re not committed or obliged to take the service when we update you to say we can connect you. However if you don’t register we may not get in touch with you!

We usually start to get things moving around 5 months before we start connecting homes and businesses.

You’ll see our friendly engineering teams in the local area and where possible we’ll use the existing infrastructure that currently brings your old copper line to you. In some instances this may not be possible so we may need to dig down to lay the fibre. We work at around 150 meters per day so if we do have to dig, we won’t be there for long, and no longer than a couple of hours outside a home or business.

Once you’ve registered your interest, we’ll be in touch to keep you informed about when we expect your street to be ready for the lightning-fast speeds of full-fibre.