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A bit about us

Here at Lothian Broadband Networks Limited, we believe that connectivity is at the heart of local communities. That’s why, since 2015, we’ve focused on closing the digital divide by rolling out industry-leading gigabit-capable fibre broadband to towns and villages that otherwise would be left behind. We know that access to ultrafast, reliable broadband can be life-changing to so many people – you shouldn’t have to choose between high-quality connectivity or living in the location that you want. Ultrafast broadband gives entire families the freedom to work and play at home, regardless of where home is.

Our technology

Our full-fibre network (you won’t find copper cables anywhere!) is the fastest network being built anywhere in the UK, capable of delivering symmetrical 10Gbps speeds! Not only will it give you all the speed you need right now, it’s ready for all your future needs as technology develops and becomes more demanding on connectivity.

But we also know that speed is only half of the equation, so to support these industry-leading speeds we also offer the industry’s leading WiFi extension solution. No matter where you are in your home, you’ll experience class-leading connectivity – wave goodbye to broadband ‘not-spots’ and hello to a home filled with super-hot-spots! Finally, because we know that your broadband connection is also an enabler for your home phone and TV services, we offer those products so you can keep all your services in one place. Our home phone package includes unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles, and with our TV package you’ll never be stuck for something to watch.

Our approach

We believe that everyone in a community deserves access to great connectivity – this means that when we commit to building a network we try to connect all the homes in that community, not just the easy ones! When we start to build a network, it’s our aim that the first customers will be connected and experiencing our services within 2 months of the build starting – this is important to minimise disruption in the area. Doing things this way is expensive but we don’t pass these extra costs on to our customers. Instead, we use a combination of commercial investment and Government subsidy through the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. However, these vouchers are limited so if you want access to the fastest broadband network anywhere in the UK, get in touch today.

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